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Coconut Body Lotion

Body Care Helps restore and condition damaged skin. Dullness from being destroyed by pollution outside sunlight throughout the day. Coconut oil helps to revitalize the skin, leaving it soft and smooth. Aromatherapy with coconut oil for long lasting freshness and relaxation. Rich in extracts from the advanced technology of Oligofurcellaran from red algae, stimulates the synthesis of hyaluronic acid in the skin, strengthening the skin barrier, combining the effectiveness of cactus extract. Protects against water loss And boosts moisture to the skin with a balanced combination of effective ingredients. The skin is still radiant, radiant, youthful and natural. Even with the environment, the lotion is light, easily absorbed, dry, fast, smooth and smooth. Skin is soft and moist. But for people with very dry skin may need to repeat the day.


1. Protects the skin from damage from external pollution throughout the day.

2. Fill the skin with shine and reduce dryness to the skin.

3. Helps skin tighten. Reduces the sagging of the skin.

4. Helps skin smooth. Smooth to touch.

5. Helps to condition the skin.

1. Vitamin B3

A substance that allows the cell to work normally. By boosting the metabolism of fat cells and increasing levels of Ceramide in the skin. This helps to reduce water loss in the cells and replenishes the skin’s protective barrier. Vitamin B3 also helps to reduce wrinkles from dryness, protect skin and retain water. Leaves skin soft and moist.

2. Cactus extract (Opuntia Ficus Indica)

Opuntia Ficus Indica is native to Mexico. The secretion of substances that cause stress (Stress) from the sensory neurons of the skin. It helps relieve irritation that may occur on the skin and also moisturizes. It also protects the skin and tightens the skin. Protects the skin, even sensitive skin (Sensitive Skin)

3. Hydranov

Oligofurcellaran’s advanced technology is derived from the depolymerisation of sulfated A furcellaran extracted from red algae (Furcellaria fastigiata) in Scandinavian waters. Red algae (Furcellaria fastigiata) swelling in cold water It can dissolve when heated to 75-80 degrees Celsius. (thermoreversible gel. The properties are between Agar and Carrageenan. Or it may be called Danish. agar is an innovation of superior hydration. Hyarulonic stimulates the synthesis of hyaluronic acid in the skin, stimulating the synthesis of ceramids in the skin, enhancing moisture. Replenishes the skin and strengthens the skin. Reduce wrinkles.

4. Aloe Vera Extract

Aloe Barbadensis is a biennial plant. The active ingredient is alpha-glycoprotein. A This substance has the potential to reduce inflammation, swelling, and increase tissue replacement. In addition, aloctin and aloctin B, which is found in Aloe Vera, also works to heal the wound. Anthraquinones help to eliminate pus-cell death, resulting in blood circulation. And this substance can also destroy microorganisms. In addition, tyrosine inhibitors

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